PC Gamer's The Witcher 3: GotY Wishlist

While I have a feeling that the Game of the Year Edition for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt might be a simple repackaging of the game with its two expansion and the free DLC and patches released for it, the folks at PC Gamer have penned a wishlist for it that includes possible tweaks to the game that haven't been implemented so far.

I'm going to quote a couple of requested tweaks:

Add a first-person mode

Look, I can accept that this is a huge ask, but if Rockstar can make GTA 5’s third-person shooting work in a first-person setting, I have faith that CD Projekt Red could make its third-person combat work in The Witcher 3. Even if that proves impossible—and the more I think about it, the more Geralt’s dance-like, barrel rolling combat style seems completely unsuited to first-person—it’s be great to just explore in first-person. As much as I love seeing the back of Geralt’s head while I explore the Northern Realms, I’d very much like to see one of those perfect Oxenfurt sunsets without the Butcher of Blaviken’s silhouette in the way. Perhaps the game could switch between third- and first-person view (optional, of course) depending on the setting? In any case, I’d love to get a little bit closer to Velen and Skellige, and this feels like the best way to do it. — Shaun Prescott

Add a hardcore survival mode

Having played The Witcher 3 in its entirety, completing every expansion, and nearly every quest, I can’t help but feel like the open world setting is a tad underutilized. The dynamic weather, day and night cycles, and realistic portrayal of its varied geography are all harmless set pieces. Through playing the witcher quests, you get the sense that the world is harsh and unrelenting—it must be, there’s an upturned cart peppered with caracasses every other mile. But the environment itself is rarely a threat. It’s just a massive space with the occasional mob roadblock.

A hardcore survival mode where Geralt can’t fast travel and has to hunt, make camp, and dress for the weather may not be ideal for first timers, but for those looking to squeeze more fun out of the open world, it could make for a more dramatic, impromptu experience. So often, the open world is just a means to an end. It’s beautiful, detailed set-dressing that works as a massive stage, but it’s also the perfect test bed for experimental emergent systems. I like the idea of having to prepare for a trek up one of Skillege’s mountains, packing warm dress and a tent, slowly making my way while fending off the occasional pack of wolves or troll, hunting for rabbits to keep my stamina up, and (hopefully) making good enough time to beat an incoming blizzard. Make Geralt earn those scars.

It wouldn’t be a mode for everyone. The danger of The Witcher’s environment is baked into the writing already, but some players also want to live it and roleplay for real. — James Davenport