Pillars of Eternity Patch v3.03 Live, Chris Avellone Novella Released

After more than a month in Beta, patch v3.03 for Pillars of Eternity has been released officially on Steam and GOG. The patch's changelog hasn't been released yet, though it's likely to closely match theĀ notes offered for the beta.

The patch also includes Chris Avellone's novella for the title, which is called The House of Wael and comes in both e-book and audiobook form. I haven't had the chance to start reading it yet, but it was a long time coming, and questions about its release were frequent on both Obsidian's boards and Chris Avellone's twitter account. Hopefully it will be satisfying for those who have been looking forward to it since the Kickstarter campaign, all the way back in 2012.