Path of Exile: Ascendancy Occultist Class Revealed

The folks at GameInformer have revealed another one of the exclusive ascendancy classes for Path of Exile's upcoming expansion Ascendancy, the Occultist, which will be one of three possible upgrades for the Witch characters in the game. The Occultist will mostly focus on dark magic and chaos damage, but it will also offer some versatility in terms of playstyle:

In Path of Exile, each of the core classes has three available ascendancy classes. The Witch, for example, will now have three different choices you can make which will provide a specific set of ascendancy skills. The Occultist is one of those three, and focuses on dark magic and chaos damage. She's not limited to those, however. Get a breakdown of the Occultist in the trailer and gallery below.

(At face value she's really good if you want chaos damage, so she's the obvious choice for people using that set of skills, but she does other interesting things too,) said managing director Chris Wilson. (Because you only choose some of the skills from your ascendancy classes, if you're not interested in chaos damage then that's okay. She has other powerful things: Vile Bastion, for example, is something that makes her energy shield a lot more effective since it regenerates as she kills enemies. It's a completely different playstyle that lets you stay in combat the entire time rather than having to pace yourself. So even if you're not playing a chaos Occultist, there are still plenty of ways that it augments an existing Witch.)