Dark Souls III Off-screen Gameplay Footage, Attribute Information

A player in Japan captured some gameplay from a recent demo build of Dark Souls III that was playable at an event, which showcases a new location, boss and what looks to be the central hub of the game. Those of you who are particularly sensitive to spoilers might not want to watch, but what I've seen doesn't look like a radical departure from the tried-and-true mechanics of the series:

Interestingly, translators on Reddit and 4chan have worked on the attribute screen shown in the demo and translated the main 9 attributes that players will be able to improve at level up. There's always a chance that these might get changed (although they are pretty slim given we're very close to the Japanese March release date) or that the translations might be incorrect, but it's still worthwhile info:

Focus Power

I have to admit, if confirmed, the return of Demon's Souls Luck attribute is a very puzzling decision.