Torment: Tides of Numenera Update #52: Music Track and Circus Minor

The folks at inXile Entertainment have released the 52nd update to the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter, which contains a reminder of the imminent release of the beta build of the title (slated to go out on the week of the 17th for backers and on the 26th for Steam Early Access), a preview of a new music track from Mark Morgan, and a brief write-up on the district of Circus Minor in Sagus Cliffs.

First, here's Morgan's new track:

Then I'm going to quote the write-up on the Sagus Cliffs district:

Circus Minor is the vibrant heart of Sagus Cliffs, a bustling combination of festival and marketplace. When public events (or executions) are held, they always take place among the crowds and merchant stalls for all to see. Circus Minor is essentially a middle-class district, but all the classes mingle here, along with artists, performers, visitants, and other strange characters.

Circus Minor is a lively place, with merchant stalls, tents and caravans lining its streets, and banners floating in the breeze above. Greenery is more commonplace here than in the other districts.

Yet there is mystery to be found. Pieces of ancient numenera jutting out from the ground are decorated and repurposed by the inhabitants. Some serve as streetlights, others have been turned to other uses, but the original functions of all these ancient constructions are now long-forgotten. And all of these are dominated by the Clock, a giant numenera artifact towering above the district, endlessly ticking away, existing within different dimensions and time periods simultaneously.

Circus Minor serves as an introduction to Sagus Cliffs, and as such, it is a relatively non-hostile place, with many interesting characters to speak to and strange and wonderful things to find. Many important quests and details about the world can be found here, and the Last Castoff will return to it plenty of times while exploring Sagus Cliffs' other districts.