Sword Coast Legends Interview

PC Gamer has an interview with Sword Coast Legends game director Dan Tudge that focuses on the game's narrative, DM mode, the resurgence of the isometric RPGs and more. There's not exactly a lot of new info, but it's still a decent quick read. A snippet:

PC Gamer: What have you learned about the way people approach playing as DM in Sword Coast Legends? Do people get better at constructing on-the-fly narratives as they go?

Tudge: It has been really interesting to watch. Different people have different approaches to playing as the DM and there is a lot of power at your disposal to play with. Learning when to hold back really is key, how to provide just the right challenge. When you achieve that balance everyone has a fantastic time playing and I know we've achieved what we've set out to do.

PC Gamer: Can you talk about the story of Sword Coast Legends? How can players shape the narrative of the single-player?

Tudge: I don't want to spoil too much here so I'll just set it up. You are members of the Order of the Burning Dawn, a somewhat '˜standard' guild whose origins have been lost over the last 100 years. Recently you've become hunted by the Gilded Eye, a particularly brutal offshoot of Order of the Gauntlet. Players will need to unravel this ruthless agenda and perhaps save all of Faerûn in the process. Throughout their adventures players will meet companions, travel the surface of Faerûn and even journey deep into the Underdark. Players will definitely make choices along the way, determining not just their fate, but the fate of many others.