Divinity: Original Sin II Update #7: New Stretch Goals

The latest update for the Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter is concerned with stretch goals and contains a bevy of information. First of all, it's worth noting that, as of the writing of this newspost, the campaign has reached $1,360,958 in funding and therefore hit the second Pick a Skill Tree stretch goal. Of the original stretch goals announced, only the Hall of Echoes one still remains, but rather than wait until the campaign inevitably hits the $1.5 million milestone (at this point it's a given), the folks at Larian have already announced a whole new batch of stretch goals that go all the way to $2 million.

First of all, though, I'm going to embed the video included in the update, because it contains a comprehensive explanation of Larian's tentative plans for the Hall of Echoes stretch goal among other things:

The new stretch goals start at $1.65 million, which will net players of the game more robust modding support from Larian (Swen Vincke notes in the video that the stretch goal will allow the company to dedicate a small team solely to modding support), and go all the way to $2 million, which will get Larian the funding necessary to integrate a Dungeon Master mode in the game. In between those two stretch goals there's space for a deeper relationship system (including, yes, romances) at $1.75 million and a special shapeshifting mask at $1.85 million. Here's the full list:

$1,650,000 Dedicated mod tool support!

We'll hire a team that will be dedicated to making the editor as intuitive as possible, and who will help the community build all kinds of new awesomeness.

$1,750,000 Love/Hate!

We'll dedicate more scripters and writers to expand on the dynamic relationship system we're building. Intense rivalry! Friendship and enmity! And... as so many of you have been asking for it. romance!

$1,850,000 Metamorphosis... Mask of the Shapeshifter!

Imagine you get a mask that lets you change your shape. One moment you're a lizard, the next an ordinary human, with completely different dialog options (and visuals of course). By expanding on our tag system, we'll let you assume different roles in the game with the same character. This will open completely different play styles. Don't want any competition? Don't want companions? Become a lone wolf with a very special mask...

$2,000,000 Dungeon Master Mode!

Building on the work of the mod team, we'll make an in-game version of the editor that allows dungeon-masters to unleash their fantasies on budding adventurers, adjusting and controlling the dungeon while the other players are playing!

That's a lot of stretch goals but we still have many days to go so here's us crossing our fingers that you'll push us to new heights!