Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Reviews

More reviews of Obsidian's The White March Part I expansion pack for Pillars of Eternity have turned up on the web, giving us cause to publish another summary of their scores and conclusions.

PC Gamer gives it a 70/100:

The White March is fine. It's no Throne of Bhaal or Tales of the Sword Coast, but it's a reasonably entertaining chunk of new quests, and a nice change of scenery. You'll return from the frosty White March with quality loot in your stash, mountains of experience points, and two new weirdos to adventure with, but not many great tales to tell around the campfire. I'm not sure what Part II of the DLC will entail, but hopefully it has a more compelling story to accompany its dungeon-crawling.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun doesn't score it:

There's a good couple of days' play here, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of it. Those fearing it would just stop unfinished need not worry, as while it teases more to come, the story is self-contained. The issue is, it's just so unremarkable. There's no great depth, no interesting meta-narrative, no unique pull. It's just a bit more Pillars a section you'd not have minded in the main game, but never remembered a while after. Which makes it hard to get particularly excited about especially at £11. Once it's over, well, yes there I was back at the end of the game, this time with a level 13 team, and a vague feeling about whether I should just finish it again for the closure.

GamePressure gives it a 9.0/10:

I must admit that the first part of The White March exceeded my expectations, even though I expected quite a lot from an expansion to my favorite RPG of the last few years. The White March obviously won't convince those who weren't too keen on Pillars of Eternity, but for the fans of the original game a trip to a snow-covered land is a trip that they must make.

PC Enthusiast gives it an 8/10:

It's all in a few days' work, however, and you'll soon find yourself out of new adventures to undertake. Part 2 of The White March is obliquely hinted at the end, but Part 1 is fairly self-contained. It's a nice diversion from the main story of the game, one that leaves you with deeper pockets, more shiny baubles, and a couple new friends.

While it doesn't always work with the same narrative heft as the main story, it's still a consistently enjoyable experience that doesn't derogate from the quality of Pillars of Eternity. Indeed, like any good expansion, it expands it.

And Press Play Media gives it an 8.3/10:

The White March expands and enriches the base game that is Pillar of Eternity, and does a great job at this. It's those who are in the middle of playing or are just starting that will benefit most of all from the changes it brings, while fans of the original game might have wished for more. For now, an extremely high quality game just got a little better. Perhaps not with as much new stuff as some would have liked, but more than enough to make us want to get our hands on part 2.