Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Reviews

The first of Obsidian Entertainment's The White March expansion packs for Pillars of Eternity has only been available for a mere 24 hours, but it's already the subject of a few (very favorable) online reviews.

FIrst up is Gaming Nexus with an 8.8/10:

The White March - Part 1 is a great first expansion for Pillars of Eternity fans that have been in need of new content. A lengthy main quest, varied side tasks, and an enthralling narrative combine to make a worthwhile expansion for veteran players. The White March is best recommended for those players with a high-leveled party of adventurers ready to embark on a challenging quest to enter the Dwarven forge of Durgan's Battery.

Then we move to PC World for no score:

I meant what I said at the top of the article: One day, The White March will be to Pillars of Eternity what Tales of the Sword Coast is to Baldur's Gate. Every newcomer will play the base game and expansion at the same time. There's no real reason not to, and few will even realize what belongs to the expansion and what doesn't.

And that's great! But that's not me. Nor, maybe, you. The fact is, The White March Part One is good fodder for those coming in fresh and a fine addition for those looking to replay, but isn't compelling enough on its own for you to come back to Pillars of Eternity if you've already finished the game.

And conclude at MMORPG.com with a 9.0/10:

Overall, The White March adds a lot of new awesome to an already excellent CRPG experience. Original Kickstarter backers get The White March part one (and eventually part two) for free, while it's only $15 on Steam for non-backers. For the 20 or so hours you'll get at that price, if you liked Pillars to begin with, this purchase is a no-brainer. Even if just for the excellent story of Durgan's Battery alone, it's worth every penny. Just be ready to fight, because this content isn't a stroll in the park and I don't think Obsidian would want it any other way.