Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Previews and Wallpapers

To complement a trio of new wallpapers for Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I, we're able to point you to three new E3-based previews for the much anticipated expansion pack, as well.


Each of Pillars of Eternity's 11 classes will see their levels caps raised from 12 to 14. And will increased levels comes new abilities, spells and talents. The White March will also introduce a new type of offense, Soulbound weapons, which are bound to classes and characters and increase their deadliness over time.

Perhaps most significantly, since fighting is such a core part of the RPG, The White March will also bring a bit of scripting to combat. Players will be able to set scripts for their party, telling their companions what to do when confronted with battle. This kind of optional automation is something that players have been clamoring for, and they've listened.

Gaming Nexus:

In the expansion, players set forth on a quest to save a dying town that is urgently in need of Durgan steel. Unfortunately, the only location to acquire such a rare resource lies within the Dwarven forge of Durgan's Battery that holds many mysteries and horrors awaiting players upon their entrance.

The new content is made available to players once they acquire their stronghold in the base game. Among the new game area and campaign, other core features include the addition of two companions, level cap raise, solo stealth mode, high-level scripting for party AI, cross-class talent use, and soulbound weapons. Many of the overall game improvements to the core game experience will also be released as a free patch to both owners and non-owners of the expansion pack.

And RPGamer:

RPGamers get a choice when it comes to the new content, too. The new quests can be completed at the level range they would be appropriate for when they are first accessible, or they can be scaled up to endgame content. This is a one-time choice available when first accessing the expansion area.

Of course, before saving the content for after the end of a playthrough, consider the fact that there will be new weapons that could be useful for the rest of the game. These new weapons are "soul bound". What that means in this game is that each weapon will be applicable to a particular class or classes, and upon choosing a character to use that weapon, it will forever be stuck on them. But as they continue to use that weapon, powers and levels unique to that character and weapon combination will be unlocked. This truly makes the weapons feel like something worth having through the bulk of the game, rather than at the end.