Pillars of Eternity Making of Documentary Available to Backers

While the language used in the latest Kickstarter update led me to believe it would take a little longer for backers to get their own "sneak peek" of the making of documentary for Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian announced on Twitter a backers-only release of the full documentary a few hours later. The documentary is about 1:24 hours long (the three excerpts published so far make up the first 20 minutes of the documentary) and is currently only available in streaming format - presumably the download version will go out when it's made available to the general public.

In case you happen to be a backer, you'll be able to watch the documentary by opening your Pillars of Eternity backer portal page, going over the "Products" tab, opening the "Pillars of Eternity: Making of Documentary" section and clicking on "WATCH VIDEO".