The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Interview

There's an interview with CD Projekt RED lead engine programmer Balázs Török up at The Witcher Hungary's Facebook page, and while we have to rely on some rough translation magic to tap into the conversation, there are still a number of interesting points to glean from the Q&A.  A selection of questions and their answers:

(Thomas Wine - Kronnas) How difficult was constructed so that an area as large as the Wild Hunt, which has, so you get to avoid filling in the discovery screen?

(Balazs Turkey) it was actually in the game development is the hardest thing that we have seen. It is no exaggeration to say that for many years we have worked on this one thing, but I guess you can say it was worth it.

(Thomas Wine - Kronnas) optimization is still very concerned about the players, how the official system requirements issued its final line? I have in mind here that it is possible előrukkoltok a friendlier system requirements before publishing?

(Turkish Balazs) I see this very little chance. I have to say, this game is just too big and too complex to deal with a weaker hardware enjoyable work. There is always an opportunity to polish here and there a little bit of power, and this we will do it, but we do not want to prejudice the quality of the game.


Washing Martin: How will you be able to optimize the game? Will there be any in-game loading screen?

(Turkish Balazs) The töltőképernyők will appear only where this is necessary, for example, when a game visszatöltünk job, or when one part of the game in a completely different area "teleported". In addition to these cases the game wide open.

Csaba Szalai: Will Novigrad apart from other cities? If so, how much and what / which medieval cities mintáztátok them?

(Turkish Balazs) Novigrad the Witcher's world is one of the largest, if not the largest city. In the area where the story takes place in The Witcher 3, there is still such a big city, but are smaller. I am not aware that any of these existed in medieval city would be the foundation.