Darkest Dungeon Development Update

The developers at Red Hook Studios have published a development update for Darkest Dungeon that sketches their future plans for the title's development. The update includes information on how balancing and content patches will be handled, and details some of the content that is planned for the near future, among other things. Some information on the Early Access plans and the titular Darkest Dungeon:


Our approach to Early Access is two pronged.
  • On one hand, balancing, tuning, bug fixing and general quality of life improvements will be trickled into the build on an ongoing basis.
  • Content patches, on the other hand, will be bundled, themed, and less frequent. We want to make these into notable events something to get excited for!



The Darkest Dungeon, essentially the full endgame, will only be released at 1.0 launch. You will have to complete several quests in the Darkest Dungeon, and in so doing, you will progress the game's story. Darkest Dungeon missions will test even your most battle-hardened veterans, and are non-retreatable! You will succeed and survive, or die trying the ultimate challenge awaits! Don't ask for any more details on it, cause that's all we're ever going to say :)

Once again, on behalf of the Darkest Dungeon team Tyler, Keir, Brooks, Pierre, Powerup Audio (Jeff and Kevin) and myself (Chris) I want to thank you all for your passionate support and enthusiasm for our project. Until next time, snuff your torches and bring an extra shovel we'll see you all in the apothic depths.

.of the Darkest Dungeon.