Pillars of Eternity Interview

Game Watcher has published an interview with Pillars of Eternity project lead Josh Sawyer that focuses primarily on the CRPG's story content and its ruleset, though it also touches upon the game's potential for modding and the expansion Obsidian promised during the Kickstarter campaign.

As usual, details on the actual story arc are scarce, but I found this quote on the overall philosophy that informs it to still be interesting:

GameWatcher: In the Baldur's Gate series we were dealing with these huge epochal events, Gods dying and rising again, all that good stuff. Are you taking a similarly high fantasy approach in Pillars, or are things a little more grounded?

Josh Sawyer: Well, we do try to keep things a little more realistic and grounded, but at the same time we know that people like it when the stakes get epically big. My kind of philosophy is to start with something small and personal, and slowly build it into something momentous. In Fallout: New Vegas for example, you start out with a fairly simple plot; someone's shot you in the head, dropped you in a ditch, and you're out to find the man who did it. Then, as you start to explore you find out there's a lot of crazy shit going on in the world, and you start to become embroiled in it. In Pillars it's a not too dissimilar situation, where you become embroiled in something that you weren't really looking for, and as you start to deal with the fallout you get drawn into the larger story. As you start to grow in scale you realise that this is not a small conflict, it's part of something a lot bigger. RPGs are about growth, not only of your character as they become more powerful, but of your place in the world. Gaining reputation, things like that. So even though our game is a little more grounded in focus, maybe a little more believable, I think it's important that we have that escalation.