Bastion Coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita Next Year

It looks like Supergiant Games' first title, Bastion, will get another couple of ports. The action-RPG will end up on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, marking the first time it's released on a Sony console.

According to the FAQ, the title is a straight port of the original PC/Xbox 360 version, it's being developed by the team at BlitWorks (which previously worked on PS4/Vita ports of Spelunky and FEZ), and will be available some time in 2015:

What's different about the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of Bastion?
Bastion for the PS4 and Vita is intended to be an exacting translation of the original game, for those who haven't played it or wish to experience it again on Sony's latest console or handheld.


When will Bastion for the PS4 and Vita be available and how much will it cost?
Bastion for the PS4 and Vita will be available sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more-specific details on pricing and availability.

Will Bastion for the PS4 and Vita support "Cross Buy" and/or "Cross Save"?
Bastion for PS4 and Vita will support Cross Buy, so if you purchase either, you'll be getting both those versions of the game. We're looking into supporting Cross Save, where your saved data transfers seamlessly between devices.

If I already own Bastion for another platform, will I get the PS4 and Vita versions automatically?
Bastion for PS4 and Vita will be sold separately from other versions of the game.