SpellForce 3 Announced

After taking in the community's ideas for a threequel and apparently showcasing a prototype at this year's Gamescom, Nordic Games surprised us with a press release today announcing the formation of a new Munich-based studio called Grimlore Games, as well as their first title - SpellForce 3. Here's to hoping the best for the future of the new studio, as well as a triumphant return to the RTS/RPG series:

Nordic Games establishes studio in Munich - Grimlore Games

Vienna, AUSTRIA, Munich, GERMANY - November 24, 2014

Nordic Games re-ignites the SpellForce series with the third installment SpellForce 3.

From its Munich base, Grimlore Games boasts a team of experienced developers who will focus on Spellforce 3. Founded by Nordic Games, Grimlore Games comprises of experienced developers, graphic artists and designers who have worked on titles including The Settlers 2, Knights and Merchants, Cultures and - of course - SpellForce 2.

The rich talent pool in Munich was a key factor in deciding the new studio's location. Many young and highly skilled developers gather in Munich who, in the coming months and years, will complement the core team at Grimlore Games. The studio will focus on PC games for core gamers, specifically the role-playing and real-time strategy genres.

Team members from Grimlore Games already presented the scope, its quality and ambition in the form of an early prototype to industry press at Gamescom in August 2014.

The team is also looking for talented developers keen to join and share their exciting future, details of which can be found on the website http://www.grimloregames.com.

For Nordic Games, establishing an in-house studio in Europe is a significant step, one which demonstrates its ambition to continue further expansion of its content-creation and portfolio handling activities. Grimlore Games joins the family of Nordic Games' studios and provides the development resources needed to support the Group's diverse catalogue of gaming IP.

About Nordic Games GmbH
Nordic Games GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordic Games Group AB, focusing on computer- and video games for PC/MAC/Linux and present/past console platforms. Founded in 2011, the Vienna/Austria based company puts great emphasis on its extensive game catalogue. The core portfolio comprises products and brands which have been acquired from various parties (THQ and others), and further acquisitions of IPs and trademarks will follow.

The company will pursue the long-term goal of delivering quality products that live up to expectations of gamers worldwide.

About Grimlore Games GmbH The team of Grimlore Games joined Nordic Games already in December 2013 and found now its new home base as the entity of Grimlore Games GmbH - within the Nordic Games Group. The main focus of the team lies in the RTS and RPG genre for core gamers. Nordic Games brings intellectual properties and a respectable set of tools to the table, whilst the Grimlore team mates will take over the development and work within this scope for development.