Next Mass Effect Comic-Con Panel Summary

After providing us a wealth of tweets while it was live, the folks at NerdAppropriate have penned a more detailed summary of Comic-Con's next Mass Effect panel, also helped by an audio recording that gave them the chance to go over it another time. There's a lot of stuff to cover, but here's a few snippets:

(We want to pull back the curtain at some work in progress stuff, but it is work in progress stuff, we are years from saying this is the EXACT game we are making.. Take this with a grain of salt, what you see here you may not see in the final game.) -Mike Gamble

(Let us talk a little bit about the hero. Here are some of the male and female heroes we've been working on. You can see basically a slight change in stature between them. You'll notice a couple of things that are key, a helmet, cloth [armor] that's clearly not battle armor.. and you'll also notice N7, so our hero has something to do with N7.) -Mike Gamble

(We're also working on an under-armor system where these pieces themselves [the exterior armor pieces] don't have to be on the player at all times. Maximum customization and visual aesthetic.) Mike Gamble


(The Mako is meant to be a fast response, point to point vehicle at this point. It's something you can tear around planets in really quickly and get to where you need to go without a whole lot of fuss. We're kind of working on the tweaks and the physics, the important part is that the Mako is going to be fundamental to the game. We're building a game that's about exploring places, and obviously [if you're] exploring places [you're going to need] a really handy vehicle.) Mike Gamble


Mass Effect 4, where in the timeline is it? (It's not called Mass Effect 4, damn it! What I will say is that (long sigh) you're NOT playing as Shepard and Shepard is not a central part of the story, so you can assume whatever you need to assume from that. We want to give players new places to explore [and] uncharted areas that haven't been explored before.) Mike Gamble


Is the protagonist strictly human, or can we play as a Turian? (So that is a big one, we haven't locked down the specifics of that one yet. For sure your main character will be human but in terms of other playable races. we can't talk about that at this point.) -Mike Gamble