Chris Avellone Podcast Interviews

I'm guessing Chris Avellone (for those who don't remember, co-founder, co-owner and creative director at Obsidian Entertainment, and also, more recently, human stretch goal for Kickstarter RPG projects) has had more time recently, because two podcast have had him as a guest in a very short span of time.

First, the folks at Duckfeed talked with him about Alpha Protocol, and a few other assorted subjects. In the interview Chris mentions the "honeycomb" mission structure he would have liked to implement in a sequel to Alpha Protocol, the mistakes he thinks where made during development, how he approached writing Steven Heck for the endgame sections (the character was otherwise written by Travis Stout), and quite a few more things.

Meanwhile, Eight Bit Radio has a more general interview, where Avellone talks about his duties as a creative director, his past work, his opinions on good RPG design (both video game and pen and paper) and modern handholding features, his current duties at Obsidian (he's writing two companions on one project, likely Pillars of Eternity, while he's assigned as creative lead to another) and more. Another interesting snippet: Obsidian is apparently working on three new IPs. So far, we've only heard of two (Pillars of Eternity, of course, and Armored Warfare).