Pillars of Eternity Post-funding Update #78: Leaders of the Band

Obsidian has just released a new post-funding update for their upcoming Infinity Engine-style RPG Pillars of Eternity focused on the Chanter and Priest classes. Here's a snippet:

Priests are devoted followers of one or more deities, though almost all have a primary dedication to a single god above all others. They are well-versed in philosophy, myths, and legends, giving them an inherent bonus to the Lore skill. Additionally, the requirements of their faith often involve traveling long distances in difficult circumstances, giving them an inherent bonus to Athletics.

In the world of Eora, priests do not gain power directly from their deity, but from their belief in the deity and the tenets of their religion. Paladins share a similar source of power, but differ from priests in the intensity and nuance of their beliefs. Paladins' faith is single-minded, extremely passionate, and held above all other concerns. The faith of priests is more philosophical, open to criticism (both their own and from others), and malleable from individual to individual. While paladins are ever-burning wellsprings of spiritual energy, priests gather energy into their own souls and release it through the use of specific prayers. These prayers form the common spells priests use in battle, ranging from healing magic and divine attacks to a variety of blessings and curses.

Compared to wizards, priests have access to a smaller number of spells overall but do not need to prepare those spells in a grimoire. And while priests do have offensive spells, they are smaller in area and generally weaker in power than similar effects available to wizards and druids. Here are a few:

  • Restore Minor Stamina - Part of a series of progressively powerful Stamina-healing spells. Restores Stamina to all allies in the area.
  • Armor of Faith - All allies in the area gain bonus Damage Threshold.
  • Withdraw - Caster or ally is momentarily phased out (cannot act, cannot be targeted) and regenerates Stamina.
  • Divine Terror - All enemies in the area are Frightened for the duration (Will).
  • Consecrated Ground - Creates a long-lasting circle of Stamina regeneration on the ground for allies.
  • Divine Mark - Blasts the target with Burn damage and reduces their Deflection for a short duration (Will).
  • Holy Power - Allies' Might and Resolve are increased.
  • Pillar of Faith - Does Crush damage to the target (Reflex) and knocks enemies Prone (Fortitude) in a small area (Foe Only).

You might also want to take a look at the two videos included to showcase a couple of the priest's spells. Admittedly it's not a whole lot, but I'll take any gameplay footage.