Darkfall: Unholy Wars Custom Roles Announced

In case you are or have been a player of the PvP-focused MMO Darkfall: Unholy Wars, you might be interested in learning that Aventurine is introducing customizable roles for the title. Here's the skinny on it:

Skills and Skill Selection:

Skill selection is now entirely player choice. Using the new (character build) window, players can select any 9 (school skills), only one of which can be the (ultimate skill) from any school. All (common skills) are available to all players. Players will be able to activate a total of 16 skills, common and school combined, for any set build.

All skills in the game are being re-evaluated, on a skill-by-skill basis, to ensure that all skills are individually desirable. Changes to skill function will be made as necessary and new skills will be added to the game whenever we see a (gap) that can be filled (for example, counter-skills for identified over-powered skills).

Players will be able to change their build any-time they have been out of (combat-mode) for 15 minutes or more. As you may know, combat-mode ends when the player has not dealt or received any positive or negative effects for 1 minute.

To facilitate duels or times when players wish to try out several builds in rapid succession, we will add an NPC to starter cities that will reset build-change timers, and allow an immediate build change. We will also include this NPC in clan holdings, but its function will be disabled when there is an active siege for the holding.

Boosters and Attributes:

Boosters can now be split by players as they see fit. There remains the same 40 points to assign, in groups of 10, but a player can assign their 4 (+10) boosters to any attribute, in any combination.

Intelligence is being re-worked to make it more useful, and more distinct from Wisdom. It will be based around Mana regeneration (not Mana pool-size). Staff bolt is also being tweaked to make it more useful overall.

All vital stat pools are being normalised with significantly more weight being placed on the base attribute instead of the booster. This ensures that all character builds start from an (equal footing).