Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update #12, £684,278 and Counting

The latest update for Warhorse Studios' Kingdom Come: Deliverance unveils a couple of shiny new stretch goals, respectively for £800,000 and £900,000. I have a feeling at least the lowest of the two will be unlocked, given the project is currently sitting at roughly £700,000 and still has 10 days to go.

In-game combat lessons & companion video

We are working with top medieval martial arts experts and it would be a shame if their expertise does not get to shine in the game. With extra money, we shall add visual in-game fencing lessons. Every new move your character learns will be explained and shown in detail in-game by your teacher, the combat master.

We will also create detailed an instructional video that features basic combat techniques with different medieval weapons. The video will be free to access for everyone from the Knight tier upwards (inclusive).

Tournament mode

We are proud of the innovative combat in Kingdome Come: Deliverance. While our title is primarily a story-based game, the combat mechanics are very deep for those that are interested in seriously honing their skills. We want to give you a chance to do just that.

If we reach this stretch goal, we shall add a special Tournament mode, where you can don any equipment you like, choose your opponent or opponents and enter a medieval Tournament and try to win by authentic rules. There will be several combat modes and you can use them as a training as well as a way of earning bragging rights with your buddies.