Warcraft Movie Details

During the course of BlizzCon, a panel dedicated to the Warcraft movie has revealed the first details about the motion picture (rounded up by the folks at IGN), which currently has a December 2015 release date. Hopefully the fact that they feel confident about finally divulging some details means production is moving at a brisk pace:
As far as plot, the film will be the "origin story" about the "first contact" between Orcs and humans, and will include characters Lothar and Durotan from Warcraft 2.

According to Jones, the story of the film was originally focused on humans and the Alliance side, but soon became about "being a hero no matter what side you're on." Metzen explained that a huge priority was making sure that every player got to see their experience in the film, which meant representing the same balance maintained in the game.

"You have to be as empathetic for Orc heroes and their situation and why they're doing what they're doing as you are about anyone," Jones said, with Pardo adding that "the red side is characters too."

Metzen related the film to Marvel's Ultimate universe, explaining how comics have an opportunity to retell stories while keeping the same characters and (vibe,) and the film will give the team at Blizzard an opportunity to re-tell a famous story but (tighten) some of the holes. He added that Durotan will represent the nobility of Orcs who are not corrupt.