Richard Garriott's Suggestions for a Healthy Video Game Industry

Polygon was able to sit in on a New York Comic Con panel led by Richard Garriott on Thursday, and they've wrangled up some highlights about what changes the Ultima creator feels are necessary to invoke a healthy video game industry over the coming years. In particular, he'd like to see more developer headquarters springing up outside of the west coast:
During a panel at New York Comic Con this afternoon, Garriott spoke about his history as a game developer, and expanded on what he saw as the important distinctions between the game industry in Austin and what he's noticed during his time in New York so far.

Austin quickly became a hub for game development, according to Garriott, because it's naturally a city that people in the art and technology fields flock to. But it's been suffering in recent years because it never developed the best educational institutions to bring the next generation of game developers into the industry. More importantly, Garriott explained, there isn't a lot of money for game development in Austin, because few game publishers and developers actually have their corporate headquarters in town. Instead, they tend to be located in California, and maintain satellite offices in Austin.

"Everyone in Austin is on the binge-and-purge cycle of the industry," said Garriott, noting that when companies have to make personnel cuts, they tend to lay people off at the satellite offices first.