Shadowrun Returns Reviews

A handful of new reviews for the Android- and iOS-powered versions of Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun Returns have reached the web, and it's my job to bring them to your attention.

Slide to Play gives it a 4/4:
Putting all the obscure rules of the game system into the background where the player never has to deal with them puts the great world to the forefront, and makes Shadowrun Returns a unique and welcome release. It's a well-written and involving murder mystery that looks and feels great on the iPad.

Modojo gives it a 4/5:
That said, it's not perfect. There are occasional bugs that hinder play, particularly with characters you'll have to walk around objects to reach, even if they're right in front of you. The audio is also sparse at times, with barely any background music to go along with the great sound effects. The lack of voice work from characters, aside from grunts, make things eerily quiet.

Android Police gives it a 4.2/5:
In the end, I like Shadowrun because it's a faithful interpretation of the turn-based RPG. It needs some work, so casual gamers should give it some time. If you're willing to hunker down and power through to checkpoints, and you don't mind dealing with the occasional bug in the pursuit of RPG gold, then get your wallet out.

And TouchArcade gives it a 4.5/5:
My time with Shadowrun Returns has certainly turned me into a fan of this game, despite its current level of glitchiness. So much so, I'm even going to hit up eBay for a copy of the Genesis version. I'd look into the original tabletop game, too... but I have no friends to play it with. Just as well, as I'm about to play through Shadowrun Returns again and again with new characters. I may be quite some time...