Project Eternity Post-funding Update #64: Developer Q&A

Kazunori "Kaz" Aruga, one of the concept artists currently working on Project Eternity, has fielded some questions for the Q&A that makes up the bulk of the latest post-funding update for the title. I'd check the full post for the concept art if I were you, but here's a snippet from the text to get you started:
Q: What is your typical work day like on Project Eternity?

My day usually starts by fighting off Robs and Polinas to get to the Keurig coffee machine in our room. Consuming the glorious bean drink allows me access to all two neurons in my head, which I then rub together as hard as I can to start making artwork. My day varies a lot from this point based on the task I'm on. For character and environment work a good chunk of time will be devoted to gathering reference and inspiration, or doing homework on a specific subject. I'll then do a rough sketch pass which gets reviewed by the leads and other artists. When I'm on scripted interaction art I work closely with our designers Bobby and Jorge, and for UI I interface with our project lead Josh and Brian who is our programming intern.

Q: What are you most looking forward to on Project Eternity?

Just the fact that we can put an IE inspired game on the market is enough to get me excited. It's been long overdue. I'm looking forward to seeing all the hard work we are putting in coming together as one complete package, and seeing reactions of people playing the game!

Q: Which concept that you have done has been your favorite?

Artists are typically never happy with their own work. Next question! :p

I've enjoyed working on art for scripted interactions, and been pretty happy with the results. I've also been putting a lot of work into inventory UI recently and am happy with the results coming out of that.