The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Preview

I suspect that we'll hear quite a bit about The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II after this weekend's PAX Prime event has concluded, but for now all I'm able to find is this hands-on preview quickie over at Save Continue. An excerpt:
After a brief hands-on period with Van Helsing II, it should come as no surprise that the core of the game is left untouched. Using the same engine as its predecessor, VHII is more left to being a touch-up versus a full-fledged sequel, as there will be expanded skill trees, familiar faces, and all-too obvious adventuring.

Admittedly, if you enjoyed the first game as much as we did, this is far from a bad thing, but the devil is in the details with Van Helsing II. If you hated the tower defense bits, you'll be able to completely pass them, as they are left optional in its sequel. In addition, you'll have a new class to play on top of your typical monster hunter and be able to roll as a spell-heavy Arcane Mage, as well as a Machinist-type character who is reliant on technology over magic and swords. You'll even be able to import your character from the first game, which is a nice touch for those who would like to continue on as a powerful hunter (it's likely you'll be able to change your class after import, as well).