Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Reviews

The past week brought us a fistful of new critiques for Capcom's Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and since it's a relatively slow weekend, I thought I'd round them up for some quick browsing.

GameCloud gives it an 8.5/10:
Honestly, we can't really say that the content of the Bitterblack Isles truly builds upon this potential, but we also don't think it was trying to either. It's very much what we would call a (Mega Dungeon), and it feels as if this new content was specifically targeted at those who had put a lot of time into the post-game and were keen to take on new challenges. Of course, it's not exactly the same as it takes on a much darker tone, and offers a painfully difficult series of trials until you can finally face off against the final boss and discover the mystery behind the Dark Arisen. If you're like us and are playing from the beginning, be prepared to invest a lot of time if you're going to have any chance in this place. Ultimately, the Dark Arisen DLC is a rewarding experience, but it really could have been released on its own. It's clear this re-release was just a strategic way to address a crucial issue in the original game, and we think this was a wise decision. The price is low, and the content is massive. It's fantastic value!

LazyGamer gives it a 5.0/10:
For someone who played and loved the original, I'm sure this expansion will be a welcome excuse to return to this world. However, Dark Arisen just does not deliver in the same vein, and falls short of being exciting in a new way. Instead, it seems to continue on from the original - incredibly inspired, and yet lacking in follow through.

Next-Gen Gaming Blog gives it a 6/10:
Despite all of the negativity, those who didn't play the original title would be wise to plump for Dark Arisen; Dragon's Dogma remains a wonderful game doubly so at this bargain price point and it is certainly the definitive version of the title for now. For those who did play it though, there's very little to recommend buying all over again what little new content there is only serves to draw the spotlight back on to the game's weakest areas rather than the strongest, and whilst some performance and UI tweaks are welcome, they don't even begin to touch on the bigger issues the game still bears, and they are certainly of no recompense for the much more immediately obvious squandering of potential.

Game Guys gives it an 86/100:
All-in-all, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen gives players somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 hours worth of new content for an asking price of $40US. Were Dark Arisen just consisting of the new content, the price would be simply outrageous. Since it comes with the core game, however, it's more than reasonable - at least, it is for those who don't already own the core game software. Either way, this Capcom RPG is a rather good play and the new content really does add to the experience. Whether this new content is worth the asking price is completely up to the player.

And ITF Gaming gives it an 8/10:
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is rightfully being sold as a full retail expansion pack, as it offers as much or more gameplay time than many other titles available on the market. The game plays very similarly to the original Dragon's Dogma, but the difficulty has been ramped up from deciding which health items you should bring with you to deciding how many revival items to take against your array of new and powerful enemies. The graphics look another year dated from when Brady's review of Dragon's Dogma went up, and although there are still some fantastic set pieces and enemies, the title could have done with a visual update.