The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn DLC Reviews

We have rounded up another batch of reviews for Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC, and they seem to confirm the early positive impressions.

GamesRadar, "Buy It".
The main quest alone is lengthy, lasting roughly five hours depending on your pace. Were it the sole reason to fork over 1,600 Microsoft points ($20), you might feel a little ripped off. But the size of the landscape, the amount of new weapons and shouts to score, and the fact that it's almost impossible to not happen upon a laundry list of optional side quests makes Dragonborn a meaty, worthwhile expansion to the main game. By no means is it essential to the enjoyment of Elder Scrolls V, and the new loot and abilities will absolutely overpower your characters for the return trip back to the mainland. However, if you feel as though you've seen everything that Skyrim had to offer, then it's time to download this DLC and say goodbye to everyone you know for yet another weekend.

Kotaku says you should play it:
But. Bugs aside, Dragonborn is a great piece of DLC. Worth playing, worth exploring, worth leaping into like you're starting Skyrim all over again. Because there's nothing quite like opening up a new map and imagining all of the adventures you're about to find there. It's a feeling that can't be beat.

The Penny Arcade Report, scoreless.
Perhaps the best way I can summarize 'ĖœDragonborn' is that it gave me the strength to put down the controller. There was a time where I couldn't imagine letting go of a cool piece of equipment, even if I wasn't wearing it. After fighting off the progenitor Dovahkiin in a gratifying final battle and dealing with the Cthulhu/Nyarlathotep of the Elder Scrolls universe, I felt that my world-weary Khajiit had faced all that could be asked of her.

I took my archer-thief cat-girl to Dragon Bridge, a small settlement overlooking a steep ravine. I stood at the edge of the bridge for which the town was named, and looked down. I popped open my inventory, and highlighted the (All) option. Drop. Drop. Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop. I let my entire adventuring career plummet into the watery depths, saving just a simple set of clothes, my wedding ring, and a gold necklace a good luck charm from my wife. I turned around and saddled up, heading for home.

It felt like enough.

Attack of the Fanboy, "Loved It".
Not that Skyrim fans will need much coercing to return to the RPG, but Dragonborn is a good reason to do so. It's easily the best of the three pieces of DLC for TESV, because it offers the best of both worlds for its player. It's got an engaging storyline that expands on the Elder Scrolls lore, which'll provoke thoughts about the many directions that this multi-faceted franchise can move towards. But it also gives you ample space to explore and uncover the many secrets that Solstheim holds, which is just as fun as performing your obligatory duties as Dovahkiin. Dragonborn is out now on the Xbox 360 though Xbox Live for 1600 Microsoft Points, and will be out shortly on both the PlayStation 3 and PC.