Nine Places OXM Wants to Visit in Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC

OXM UK has slapped up a list of nine places from the Isle of Solstheim that they're hoping we're going to be able to visit in Bethesda's Dragonborn add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A few locations that are fairly likely:
3. Standing Stones
The third icon appearing in the Skyrim patch notes is a generic "standing stone" icon. There are Sun, Wind, Water, Earth, Beast, and Tree stones scattered around the island, each of which forms part of a ritual practised by the local Nord tribe, the Skaals.

6. Raven Rock
During Bloodmoon, this was a new town built by the East Empire Company over a vast ebony deposit (essential for all the Empire's armour and swords) and an ancient burial chamber. In Oblivion, you can meet people in the Imperial capital who fled the town when the money ran out and the Nords reclaimed it. Whether the town is still Nord or has been taken over by the Dunmer is unknown. (Incidentally, there's also a town of the same name in Fallout 3.)\

8. Fort Frostmoth
The southern point of Solstheim houses the only Imperial Fort on the island, which serves as the only gateway to the mainland. It's also the local headquarters of the Eastern Empire Company, a trading firm with monopolies on the transport of all sorts of goods. They've got a base at Windhelm in Skyrim, plus warehouses under the capital Solitude.