Ultima Online Ask & Answer Q&A #7-10

There are four new "Ask & Answer" updates to the official Ultima Online website to take in, so if you're a fan of the venerable MMORPG, you'll want to set your sights on updates #7, #8, #9, and #10. Some notable Q&A inclusions:
Ultima Online Bibliothek Hallo UO Team, what happened to the plans about New Naven, meaning replacing New Haven with the old Haven or Occlo? (Waldschrat)

Mesanna: We have not made any plans to go forward with this change as of yet.


I find that the game can occasionally seem a little linear as far as dress codes go for the player hoping to achieve best kit. For example everyone ends up wearing sunglasses from library donations. Have the Devs ever considered adding any artifacts to the game that are actually random in which art they drop as. Ie a helm that could compete with the goggles, but can appear as a norsehelm/closed helm/samurai helm/dragon helm and a caster hat that could appear as any of the cloth hat art. etc i feel applying this sort of idea to some new drops might aide diversity in the way players end up dressed and make use of great in game art that ends up somewhat redundant. (Treasure Seeker)

Bleak: We have considered doing this but there are several factors that need to taken into consideration for example the actual name of the artifact that may need to be changed based on the selected art or some are may need to be eliminated as a possibility due to meditation restrictions. This is something that we will keep in mind as we go forward in creating new artifacts.


Is it possible to get a better explanation of 'drift speed' and 'turn delay' on large ships? In other words, which ship type is fastest, and which is slowest? Also could we get these figures, plus 'durability' and 'cannon damage' figures for the Britannia Boat?

Phoenix: All ships move at the same speed, except rowboats.

The Tokuno and Orc ships have 100,000 hit points. The Gargish ship has 140,000 hit points. The Britannian ship has 200,000 hit points.


Hello again, recently I remembered the thing about the gypsy camps and the moonstone jewelry. Is it possible to get the camps back to get a chance for it to drop again? Or maybe you could add the jewelry to another monster or another mini-boss? (Medea,)

Mesanna: The gypsy camps were causing some side issues in the game so Phoenix added the chance for the moon jewelry to drop on the Cook in Wrong.