GB Feature: Dungeon Lords MMXII Content Overload

In addition to cranking out a full review of Nordic Games and Heuristic Park's Dungeon Lords MMXII, we've been spending quite a bit of time overhauling our Dungeon Lords subsite to reflect all of the new and revised content that the updated version now contains. Everything you'd ever want to know about the original game, the Collector's Edition, and MMXII revision is included in our expanded walkthrough, equipment, class, skill, spell, and heraldry sections, and of course we've uploaded a bevy of new screenshots for good measure. A snip from our review:
In the original versions of the game, you'd improve your attributes and skills by spending experience points on them. These costs could get pretty high, and so you had to pay attention to your character build. That's because your classes would give you learning bonuses for certain skills -- Fighters, for example, received bonuses for weapon and armor skills -- and some skills were almost impossible to learn without the right bonuses. For example, to become a Deathlord, you needed ten ranks each of Heavy Armor, Heavy Shields, and Heavy Weapons, and without a massive amount of grinding, you just weren't going to achieve that without getting multiple bonuses from your other classes.

Unfortunately, Heuristic Park junked this system in MMXII. Now characters just get 3 attribute points and 3 skill points each time they gain a level, and classes no longer have any sort of skill or attribute point requirements, meaning no character planning is necessary. That makes the game easier to play, but I wouldn't exactly call it an improvement.