The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan Review

IGN is the first major website to offer a critique of Riders of Rohan, Turbine's latest expansion pack for The Lord of the Rings Online. They score the content-rich expansion with a solid 8.3/10, and conclude with the following verdict:
Riders of Rohan is a forceful testament to Lord of the Rings Online's enduring capacity to deliver a uniquely rewarding MMORPG experience, which comes as welcome news after the disappointments of Rise of Isengard. Massive, beautiful, and graced with some of the best mounted combat ever seen in an MMORPG, Turbine's labor of love recalls the sense of exploration and adventure that's always set LOTRO apart. Its revised endgame won't satisfy players more accustomed to a hardcore raiding framework and the Hytbold quests eventually feel like a grind, but players looking to lose themselves in a vividly realized MMORPG with refreshingly unique gameplay will find few better alternatives.