Borderlands Legends Announced for iOS, Preview

2K Games sends word of Borderlands Legends, apparently an action-RPG/strategy hybrid featuring the original Borderlands vault hunters. The title will be released on iOS on October 31st: the iPhone version will cost $4.99, while the one for iPad will be slightly more price-y, $6.99.
2K Games and Gearbox Software are excited to announce Borderlands Legends, an all-new action packed Borderlands experience designed specifically for mobile devices and available for iOS on October, 31 2012 for $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad.

Like the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Borderlands Legends blends two popular genres, action RPG and strategy, to create addictive, isometric gameplay that lets players level up their characters while fending off relentless waves of Skags, Bandits and other baddies.

Entertainment Weekly apparently has the first look, so here's a quote from them:
While additional details on the action-RPG-strategy hybrid are scarcer than solid Eridium bricks, we did smuggle a few more tidbits from our brief look at Legends: the gameplay's driven by randomized, objective-based missions; enemy difficulty scales alongside players' unlimited ability to level-up; guns and gear can be purchased from mustachioed merchant Marcus; and, like its console counterparts, Legends allows lethally wounded players to score a life-reviving (second wind) with a well-placed slug.