Of Orcs and Men Reviews

We have rounded up a few early reviews for Of Orcs and Men, presenting mixed impressions for the action-RPG from Cyanide, who have recently also worked on the Game of Thrones RPG.

Destructoid has a positive review from Jim Sterling, 8.0/10.
Of Orcs and Men is for a specific audience -- its quirks and faults will be tough to forgive for the mainstream crowd, while its challenge and uniquely hectic combat can be offputting. It is, however, a game that a particular sort of gamer will fall deeply in love with. At times beautiful, hilarious, and even occasionally thoughtful, this is a one-of-a-kind action-RPG that deserves your consideration, if not your monetary vote. There's certainly nothing quite like it, and for all its foibles, when it hits its mark, it does so with vigor.

A name can say a lot about a project. Of Orcs and Men is a rare and tantalizing, if perhaps a little ponderous, appellation. The same can indeed be said of that which bears its title.

Cheat Code Central, 3.7/5.
All in all, Of Orcs and Men is a success, thanks mainly to its innovative battle system. And best of all, there's plenty of room to improve the formula in sequels and other games; this franchise could be unstoppable if it adds better character development options and more variety in its combat. It's far from perfect, but Of Orcs and Men is fun and unique, and that's a winning combination for any video game.

Official Xbox Magazine UK, 6/10.
But there's no doubt that there's a push towards narrative and mechanical innovation at its heart. This won't earn plaudits for what it achieves, but what it attempts is another matter - it might be destined for the bargain bucket, but it's worth picking up once it gets there.