Disciples: Reincarnation Enhanced Bundle Pack Coming This Week

News out of Akella has been fairly sparse lately for those of us in North America, but that's about to change this week (October 19th, specifically) when the publisher releases Disciples: Reincarnation, a bundle pack that contains enhanced versions of both Disciples III: Renaissance and Disciples III: Resurrection. Since there's a significant amount of new content being injected into the set, I've given it its own entry in our database:
A true rebirth of the legendary series. The Almighty has turned away from Nevendaar and its denizens. He is busy thinking about the fate of the world. Above Nevendaar, rent by perpetual wars, a new star flashed out. What will it bring with it? Who will claim its great power? Immerse in the struggle of four powerful races!


'¢ Unique visual style and magnificent gothic atmosphere in a new implementation.
'¢ Dramatic and intriguing plot, written by Ekaterina Stadnikova, the author of the most successful Disciples-themed novel (Precious Blood).
'¢ New combat and magic system. Dozens of new global spells.
'¢ Totems and flags in the inventory and on the battlefield.
'¢ Aquatic spaces with majestic ships and terrifying bosses.
'¢ Over 180 hours of gameplay. Four companies; 27 large detailed missions, over 70 new side quests, significantly extending the main storyline.
'¢ Over 200 new objects on land and sea; 13 new neutral units.
'¢ Multiplayer in hot-seat mode and over the net. Playing for neutral units is now possible.
'¢ Gaming editor to create your own campaigns.