Elemental: Fallen Enchantress - The Tale of Boyne

Stardock's Brad Wardell has slapped up another screenshot-laden short story for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, in which the company CEO gives us an introduction to the kingdom of Boyne, its people, and the lands that it encompasses.
Nearly a century had passed since the founding of the Kingdom of Boyne. It had grown from a single village to, at its height, five prosperous cities. Now, it was being crushed by impossibly strong Trogs of Yithril.

Charon was occupied by Juggernauts, its lands sickening and dying. Beyond the crumbling borders, endless streams of enemies were closing in.

(Enough,) Deb said. (I shall destroy them.)

The Boyne were poor in metal but rich in mana.

(If it is destruction they crave, it is destruction they shall have.)

She gathered her greatest warriors.

(First, we shall liberate Charon,) she proclaimed.

The last of the Magi would fall in this battle. But Charon was freed.

The Boyne had no metal. Only through trade with Gilden had they acquired enough metal to train the Magi and now they were gone. The tower of the sword required metal.

What the Boyne did have in abundance was mana and crystal.

(I shall give them ruin from the ground,) Deb hissed. (I shall bring down the fires of heaven upon them.)

And she rode alone, deep into the darkness. Deep into the uknown lands in the north where the Trogs seemed to come endlessly. Dodging enemies she made it to Blackstead, which was, even then, training Juggernauts.