Sword of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter Project Update #14, $24,400 and Counting

06 Oct 2012

Not too long after the release of the previous update, a new update is available for the Sword of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter, which offers a sneak peek at their board game stretch goal. Here's a FAQ-like excerpt:
What happens if we reach the “Project X” stretch-goal?

Great! Then anyone who has supported us at the $75 “DARK WARRIOR” LEVEL will get a copy of the completed game by July 2013, postage-paided within the US (International orders add $15 for additional shipping). The funding level we will need to achieve this stretch-goal is $140,000.

What happens if we do not reach the “Project X” stretch-goal?

Any supporter who has chosen the $75 “DARK WARRIOR” LEVEL will be automatically upgraded to the $100 “ADVENTURER” LEVEL at no extra cost (even if it is sold out). In addition, they will be given a first chance to get the game at the “earlybird” reward level if we end up doing “Sword of Fargoal: The Board Game” as a separate Kickstarter campaign at a future date.

But the final outcome of this “Sword of Fargoal 2” Kickstarter campaign is not yet determined. Not only could we make our $50,000 base goal, but if we happened to get just the right kind of press exposure, or we suddenly had a viral, unexpected surge in supporters wanting to have the Board Game too, we could reach the $140K stretch-goal this coming week and have two-for-one games with this Kickstarter campaign!