Mass Effect PlayStation 3 Port Details

External producer Ryan Warden has been recently tweeting some details on the Mass Effect PS3 port that will be included in the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle and also released separately on PSN. Apparently the port is being developed by Edge of Reality rather than internally at BioWare, and will benefit from performance improvements among other things:
Will ME1 on PS3 feature any upgrades to the 5 year old 360 version, or is it going to be as direct a port as possible?

hard to answer in one tweet. We're trying to retain the classic experience, but make some targeted fixes.

important to note, though, that the game was only *released* 5 years ago. Its tech is more like 5-8 years old

some things (including, but not limited to: texture popping, overall performance) are improved on the PS3

So it's essentially getting a new coat of paint, but it doesn't approach a full blown remake?

well, "new coat of paint" isn't quite fair. But "remake" implies way more. It's... a port. ME1 engine with ME2 PS3 touch-ups


Lol the Mass Effect collection doesn't come with DLC. Guess I'll just get ME1 on PSN.

we haven't talked about DLC yet, but that doesn't mean anything definitively one way or the other. We just haven't said much yet.


it doesn't have ME3-style combat. It plays like the classic ME1


Is a third part studio involved in porting ME1 to the PS3? Can we expect better performance than the 360 version?

yeah, we're working closely with Edge of Reality for ME1 PS3. Performance feels really good overall

Edge Of Reality? Seriously? You just can't use EoR and performance in a positive sentence together as seen in DA:O on PS3...

they've done a stellar (HAH) job on ME1 PS3. Can't praise them highly enough.

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