Project Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Update #8, $1.95 Million and Counting

In the eighth update to reach Obsidian Entertainment's Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign, we learn that the team has added new tiers, tacked on a Chris Avellone-penned novella to all tiers $50 and up, expanded their $2.2 million stretch goal to include French, German, and Spanish localizations, and has plans for some video updates later in the week. Oh, and there's some sweet artwork of a human fighter named Edair to gaze at:
Josh Sawyer, Tim Cain and Chris Avellone will be posting updates and videos all this week starting on Sep 26 with Josh, Sep 27 with Mr. Avellone and a great one from Tim over the weekend.

French, German, and Spanish Translations added at $2.2M

We are glad to announce that we will add text translations for French, German, and Spanish when we reach this goal. As we hit more of our stretch goals, we hope to be able to add even more languages as well!

Novella by Chris Avellone added for $50 and Up!

Chris Avellone has been so thankful for everyone's support that he himself has pledged to write a novella in the world of Project Eternity. We are adding that to everyone who pledges $50 and up.

New $110 Digital Only Tier

Thanks to popular demand, we are adding a new digital tier at $110 that has early beta access to the game, thanks in the credits, a postcard thanking you for your pledge (sent physically) along with all the other digital benefits of the $140 Tier. Since we added the new novella written by Chris Avellone at the $50 reward tier - that is in there as well!

Oh and we have a little piece of artwork to share as well. The following is one of our traditional race and class combinations - the Human Fighter - but he's not just any Human Fighter. He has an integral role in the story that we will be hinting at soon. Don't worry, we will also be sharing more and more of the non-traditional options in the days and weeks to come.