Grim Dawn Grim Misadventures #7

Crate Entertainment's Zentai is back with a seventh entry to his or her "Grim Misadventures" development update for Grim Dawn, with this particular installment sharing some background information on itemization as well as some specific statistics for a handful of hand-crafted epic items. Six-item sets are always good to see:
Epic items in Grim Dawn are the first tier of our hand-crafted itemization. These are powerful rare items with strong themes and some unique effects. While they may not always be better than a rare quality item, seeing blue on the screen should be a moment of happy fun times. As of now, all epics planned for the alpha stage have been theorized, calculated, morphed, forged, teleported, and stamped. That's good stuff!

In case you are wondering, that's 81 delicious items ready to drop from just about anywhere*. Epic items will begin at level 10, but you may see them drop sooner if the luck of the roll is with you. Without further delay, we will let the items speak for themselves.