Sword of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter Drive Launched

Sword of Fargoal creator Jeff McCord has been hinting at a Sword of Fargoal sequel throughout the year (and apparently it's already over 80% finished), but it wasn't until today that a Sword of Fargoal Kickstarter project was officially launched with pledges ranging from $1 up to $10,000. The action RPG sequel, which will hit PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS, is looking for $50,000 with a handful of stretch goals beyond that amount:
With your help, here's what Sword of Fargoal 2 will be:

'¢ Mac/PC/Linux plus iOS versions: Sword of Fargoal 2 in all its glory on multiple platforms.

'¢ Everything rebuilt from the ground up!

'¢ Over 100 procedural dungeon levels: Different challenges and rewards every time you play.

'¢ New character types: Fighter, Ranger, Thief, Magic User, plus male and female versions of both.

'¢ New combat and ranged weapons, armor, magic, and effects.

'¢ More goodies: Potions, wands, rods, spells, rings, amulets, traps, treasures, and poisons.

'¢ Everything new about monsters throughout the dungeon: All new intelligent monster behavior, new monster types, and graphics.

'¢ New quests and side-explorations: You can explore in brand new ways throughout all-new dungeon levels and types. 

'¢ New interactive dungeon environments: You'll be able to pick locks, break containers, unlock items, burn items, create chain reaction explosions, '˜tinker' to make your own traps, and change your environment in other cool ways.

'¢ New unlockable (Ruins of Fargoal) mode: If you manage to free the Sword and win the game, you will be able to return to the dungeon and see how it has changed. Hint: it will be even more dangerous and unstable, with new riches to be found.

'¢ New (Action Cards): Cut scene cards to show you when you've achieved different elements of the game. You will have the ability to save, export, and re-watch you adventure like a slide show with music.

'¢ Plushies (Stretch Goal): What will they be? The Hero? The Sword? Ogre? Werebear? Dire Wolf? Wyvern? It's up to you.

'¢ Super Secret Fargoal (Project X) (Stretch Goal): We can't tell you about this yet, but if we hit this stretch goal, we're building a [REDACTED]. All we can say is that the (X) stands for extra-awesome.

We're not asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars for Sword of Fargoal 2. In fact, we've put a lot of our own money into the project and it is already 80% done! So if, due to your kind generosity, you propel us beyond our basic funding level of $50K, we're going to put *all* of the additional money back into the game via several cool stretch goals that you can directly enjoy...

Over $50K Stretch Goals:

At anything over our $50K base goal, additional funding will give us the ability to hire a second pixel artist for more dungeon tile types; to have Charlie create more (Action Cards) to add to the story-capturing (we currently have 40 (Action Cards) and can continue to add more as we get additional Kickstarter support); add additional new music tracks (we already have more than ten, but we want to add more for greater variety on different dungeon level types).

Our goal is to add as many "Action Cards" as we can to enhance your saved quest legends!Our goal is to add as many "Action Cards" as we can to enhance your saved quest legends!

Over $87K Stretch Goals:

If we fund over the $87K level we are going to create plushies. Yes, plushies! You will vote for whether we should make the Hero? The Orgre? The Werebear? Maybe the Sword of Fargoal itself as a plushie? You will decide!

Plus for the more serious Fargoal gamer we will be creating primo deluxe (making of) game book, which will also contain a full-color illustrated version of the Sword of Fargoal legend that inspired the game! We will also be able to add at least two additional quests and/or game modes, including a (Retro) mode in which will emulate the original C64 graphics. By helping us meet our Kickstarter Stretch Goals, you will give us the resources to add even more advanced monster intelligence, additional traps, treasures, potions, rings, wands, rods, weapon types, monsters, foe, etc.

Concept cover art for "The making of: Sword of Fargoal 2" book (Kickstarter exclusive)Concept cover art for "The making of: Sword of Fargoal 2" book (Kickstarter exclusive)

Over $110K Stretch Goal:

Over $110K we will finally be able to afford the resources to create the Android version of the game which we've wanted to do for a while.

Over $140K Stretch Goal:

For funding over $140K we have an amazing, knock your chainmail off, super secret Fargoal (Project X) that we can't even talk about. Yet. (But there's a hint in the video).