Grim Dawn Environment Preview #2

There's a second environment preview up on the official Grim Dawn forums, and this time we get a closer look at a gruesome laboratory, a Ch'thonic cult dungeon, and the Blood Pool contained within. All of the images are mirrored in our image gallery, and I'll even quote from the last two locations to get you warmed up:
This screen shows what a large fight area might look like in a Ch'thonic cult dungeon. The Hero monster comes from the Blood Pool in the far corner. The bodies hanging there, combined with blood magic, prove to be a good recipe for summoning a demon. The center area is relatively open, but is flanked by hanging corpses which serve as a reminder that there's always room for one more alongside them, in case you were thinking failing was an option. Oh, and nothing lights up a room like a pile of burning corpses.

This is just a closer view of the Blood Pool. The editor has a fog that kind of washes over things as they get farther away, so it was hard to capture the detail in the last screen. The setup is pretty simple: Bodies hang on the walls, dripping blood into the pool. A cultist reads from the lectern and summons a demon based on the hefty payment of blood. Ch'thonic torches let you know that there's some evil stuff going on here. ya' know, in case you overlooked all the bodies.