Still Playing: Fallout: New Vegas

It doesn't look like EDGE's Tont Coles is interested in finishing Fallout: New Vegas anytime soon, judging by this recent "Still Playing" editorial penned by him, but that shouldn't be necessarily taken as criticism for the title, as apparently it's just not an important aspect of the title for the writer. Here's an excerpt:
The sleepy towns of Goodsprings and Novac, to which I owe a debt of gratitude for my early levelling, deserve a hero who hasn't been blinded by the glamour and demands of dead billionaires, idealist regimes, insular machine cults or genuinely awful savages with a penchant for crucifixion and slavery. Whatever your moral alignment, the wasteland is full of threats preying on the weak and the innocent, and a lone, stoic hunter is what's required to make the world safe. Thankfully, New Vegas makes sure that said lone, stoic hunter's work is never done.

It's the Fiends that bear the brunt of my .308 hollow-points and .50 incendiaries, while the other gangs in the south give me plenty of options for sneaking melee kills and more inventive forms of justified murder. They're are also a fine source of food and repairable, saleable loot for the roving cannibal in constant need of water and ammo. You can set a fine trek northwards from Goodsprings that takes you through Radscorpion and Deathclaw territory and into the South Vegas ruins that'll see plenty of hunting, ending with a trip to some merchants and home to rest for a few game-days to refill the land with prey. Deathclaws, by the way, are terrifying for a stealth sniper, so I quite happily waste money on explosive ammo for my anti-materiel rifle to make sure I stay safe in my cleansing.

Thanks, RPGWatch.