Majesty: The Northern Expansion Update Announced

In case you were interested in playing some Majesty: The Northern Expansion recently, you'd probably be pleased to know that HeroCraft's title is going to receive an, apparently substantial, update, per this press release we just received:
Majesty: The Northern Expansion Update.

September 4th 2012, Kaliningrad, Russia HeroCraft are delighted to announce that an update has arrived for Majesty: The Northern Expansion licensed by Paradox Interactive on Android. Four exciting new levels await you!

You asked me to brief you on upcoming events your Majesty? You'd better get ready, you'll have plenty to do! Firstly, an evil necromancer has turned all the Kingdom's inhabitants into terrible skeletons. How will you reverse the spell?

The Pan-Dwarven Monster-Hunting Games will be held soon and your Kingdom has been chosen to host them. What fun! Especially when you know which dwarf clan to support.

In other news, a gang of golem scoundrels threaten the noble dragons. which side of this conflict will you choose to lend your considerable weight to?

In addition to these distractions the sovereign tyranny is in danger once again! The healers guild, gnomes and barbarians are stirring up a riot. You must stamp out this mutinous attitude, your Worship!

Will you show them who wears the crown in this Kingdom?

Game Features:

- 16 scenario missions
- skirmish mode
- changeable weather
- 120 game achievements
- plenty of heroes, spells and building types
- social network integration