Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Reviews

We have rounded up a batch of reviews for Mass Effect 3's latest DLC, the single-player-oriented Leviathan, and owners of the title will be pleased to know that the reception so far has been on the positive side.

GameSpy, 7.5/10.
Beyond the DLC's own bounds, not a vast amount really changes. You get a new War Asset or two, which as we know affects pretty much nothing. Still, Leviathan is hilariously weak. It's a living god, one whose dark influence stretches through the galaxy -- an entity even the Reapers fear. Total military worth: 400 points. Good grief. What's it planning to do for the war effort exactly - make some really good sandwiches?

Leviathan's core problem though is that it's a DLC created to answer questions that nobody was asking, after an ending that itself answered too many, which you know from the start isn't actually going to mean much in the great sweep of things. If you can ignore that though, or simply don't care, it's fun addition to Mass Effect 3 and a great reason to be excited about whatever new adventure comes next.

Official Xbox Magazine, 8.0/10.
New banter with crewmates and Shep's love interest more than makes up for the pace-stalling investigation segments, though, as do some tough scuffles with Harvesters, Banshees, and Brutes. And the alluring mystery at the heart of Leviathan is enough to coax you beneath the waves for an all-too-brief taste of one of Mass Effect 3's most wonder-inducing setpieces. What's here isn't radical, ending-altering content, so much as a slightly uneven but deeply worthwhile journey that adds intriguing lore to the series' canon and instills a wide-eyed sense that we're nowhere near done with this universe.

The Controller Online, 9/10, though the review doesn't really read like a 9.
The Leviathan DLC carries a hefty price tag for such a short mission, weighing in at 10$ (800 MS Points). With that in mind, I can't recommend this download to anyone unless you're really into the lore and backstory of the Mass Effect universe. What is here is enjoyable, it just isn't worth the amount of money they're asking for.

Finally, Kotaku recommends playing it:
Leviathan is a fun return to Commander Shepard's Mass Effect, but the overall feeling here is that, as good as it is, Shepard's Mass Effect is exhausted. Her cycle is over. This is just good filler. It's time to prepare for the future. And, for the record, I would play L.A. Noire In Space.