OnLive Assets Transferred to New Owners to Avoid Bankruptcy

We usually don't cover news about gaming services and platforms too closely, but we do make exceptions from time to time. OnLive made a splash several years ago with the announcement of lag-free cloud gaming that didn't require a gaming system to run. Unfortunately, things have been rough for the pioneers over the last few years, and now news has come out that OnLive's assets have been transferred to an undisclosed third party to avoid bankruptcy.

OnLive hosts a decent suite of RPGs, so this could be a shock to some RPG fans, but there is a silver lining. News is that, due to new funding, both the OnLive service will keep running for the foreseeable future, so players won't be losing their games, and in addition, many or possibly all of its employees will be re-hired by the new owners.  How long this will last, however, remains to be seen, and this incident will certainly damage confidence in the digital games platform.

While OnLive wasn't my personal cup of tea, it's always unfortunate to see news of this nature, especially in the wake of some rough years for the games industry. Hopefully gamers will continue to have affordable cloud-based options for their entertainment needs for some time yet.