Chaos Chronicles Announced

Following the success of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the teams at bitComposer and Coreplay have come together once again to develop a new turn-based "classic" fantasy CRPG entitled Chaos Chronicles. There aren't a whole lot of details in the press release below, but the screenshots in our image gallery and the feature list on the official product page should clue you in on what, exactly, the game has to offer:
bitComposer announces Chaos Chronicles

The classic role-playing game is coming out in 2013 for Windows PC

Eschborn, August 13, 2012: bitComposer Games is announcing Chaos Chronicles, a classic, turn-based role-playing game (RPG) for the coming year 2013. The game is being developed by the Munich-based studio Coreplay, which was also responsible for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. The fantasy RPG will be available for (Windows) PC.

Chaos Chronicles leads PC gamers into a lost empire full of legends, thrilling adventures, and dangerous opponents. Players can explore numerous ancient ruins, mystical places, and mysterious dungeons alone or in a group of up to five players. Chaos Chronicles unites the typical characteristics of classic turn-based role-playing games with modern graphics and a gripping atmosphere. The sophisticated gameplay will captivate veterans of the genre as well as newcomers.

About Chaos Chronicles
Over 200 years ago the flourishing kingdoms of elves, dwarves and mankind were consumed by chaos. Undead hordes lead by archwizards of the dark arts overran the land. Only few were able to escape. The survivors build their new homes on small, secluded islands off shore. A few years ago the Order of the Holy Flame sent its knights to lead an expedition to the mainland.

Even though the old cities lie in ruins and orcs, goblins and other creatures of evil roam the land there seems to be hope for a return to the land of their ancestors. The big harbor town Rethgard has been purged of the undead and the inner city has been fortified to stand ground against any kind of attack. Driven by their love for adventure the player's party enters a boat in order to take part in rebuilding the kingdom.

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Just a few years ago, who would've thought that fans of turn-based RPGs would suddenly have so many options?