Dead State Post-funding Updates #19 and #20

There really wasn't enough meat to update #19 to give it its own newsbit last month, but now that there's an update #20 on the Dead State Kickstarter page that provides an updated development status on the zombie-themed RPG, I thought I'd bring both of them to your attention. And, hey, there's even a smattering of 3D renders from their "prop level" to go with the latest entry:
For the last month, the team has been transitioning to full-time and taking care of much needed post-Kickstarter business tasks while we continue to develop Dead State. We've added forum badges and we're getting t-shirts printed very soon. We'll have more info on them in a future update.

We've started designing some of the new allies that were added as a result of the stretch goals it's been pretty interesting to add new allies after having our group fleshed out for so long. What we did was look at gaps in our line-up and expand on conflicts that we thought were interesting but maybe weren't represented by allies already in our shelter. For the City ally especially, we wanted to make sure they are worth the trouble of braving the City content they should be a pleasant surprise. The dog and stretch goal allies will definitely expand your shelter's capabilities quite a bit.

Most of the work the team is doing right now is a continuation of tasks that we have been working on for the Kickstarter presentation. Design is continuing to work with art on new GUIs, writing continues to be a big part of the design schedule, programming is working on fully-implementing combat rules, and art continues to work on new props and level assets to allow us construct the many types of locations in the game. We'll have a lot more to show off soon. We hope to start releasing video updates in the future to show off the game's progress. We're also going to be adding new team members as development continues, especially to help us with the additional content from the stretch goals. We've already brought on an additional programmer to help out with the workload. We've also looked into some interesting programs that will help speed up some our processes, especially on the animation side.