SkyrimProvement: Building on Dawnguard

Now that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC has made its way onto our hard drives, the editors at GameSpy have turned their attention to the burgeoning modding scene that the add-on has specifically influenced. How about a new and improved vampire lord?
As useful as XCE is, it's not exactly the most exciting mod to come lurching out of the night to suck the trepidation from your veins. You want something that's actually going to fiddle with the numbers, give you change you can believe in, something that will downright transform the experience of playing Skyrim with Dawnguard installed. Fear not, because that's where Revamped Vampire Lord v1.05 swoops in. Geared almost exclusively to playing at higher difficulties, where the Vampire Lord really struggles, it's mostly just a straight up buff across the spectrum for all of the Vampire Lord's abilities. Important note: this mod doesn't enhance all vampires in Skyrim, only the player. So if you sign on with the Dawnguard, you're not going to be facing utterly insane damage outputs from the mutt-faced Vampire Royalty. It also decreases the Vampire Lord's size ever so slightly so that he doesn't bang his head quite so much in dungeons.