Lords of the Fallen Revealed

While it isn't officically announced just yet, former The Witcher senior producer Tomasz Gop has finally revealed a title and brief description for the action RPG he's heading up at City Interactive, courtesy of his LinkedIn profile. He was even nice enough to share a single piece of concept art with us, to give us something more to go on:
Action-RPG title set within a medieval fantasy world ruled by a Fallen God. Fighting against the formidable Lords and Generals that command his demonic army is one of game's strongest features. LORDS of the FALLEN rewards skill and persistence among hardcore Action-RPG fans; it presents players with great challenges followed by greater rewards and satisfaction. The story plot and twists allow approaching the conflict between humans and demons from various perspectives. (More info later this year.)
Hopefully there are plenty of unique elements to the game that will keep the Humans vs. Demons concept fresh to veteran action RPG fans.